clickmine is a blockchain based clicker game. With each click, you can "mine" a virtual plot of land and an erc 20 token on the Ethereum network is minted as well as buying various powerups. But what is a token, anyway? As wealth is created, it is also destroyed.

The only playable version is on the Ethereum mainnet and transaction fees will need to be paid in ether. You will need Metamask installed to play. The token and all related transfers are viewable on etherscan

ClickMine was the recipient of the Cryptodetectorist co-commision by Furtherfield UK and NEoN Digital Arts Festival.

More about the project on State Machines

A review of the piece by Institute for Network Cultures

Animated gameplay of ClickMine, a blockchain based game by artist Sarah Friend Screencap of teaser text from the ClickMine white paper Opening scene of ClickMine, a blockchain based clicker game Gameplay from ClickMine, mining has begun and there is a hole in the ground Gameplay from ClickMine by Sarah Friend, the hole is larger and deeper Gameplay from ClickMine, the hole is larger and no grass is visible Gameplay from ClickMine, the screen is entirely black besides the heads up display Final stage of ClickMine, the interface has become glitchy and the player has many, many tokens ClickMine by artist Sarah Friend, installed at Moneylab in London Close up of a ClickMine installation at The Brandscape in Toronto, showing bitcoin price chart projected onto an office chair ClickMine by artist Sarah Friend installed in an office cubicle with bitcoin projection Window signage at an art gallery reads ClickMine Sarah Friend Installation of ClickMine at The Brandscape in Toronto, from outside the gallery ClickMine installed in an office cubicle with the overhead lights on Close up of ClickMine installed with gamer chair at Chronus Art Center in Shanghai Close up of the bitcoin price chart projected on the headrest of a gamer chair, as part of installation at Chronus Art Center Vertical shot of the full installation of ClickMine at Chronus Art Centre, shows the desk, gamer chair, and the game in final stages on a computer 3D render of ClickMine in an office cubicle 3D render of ClickMine with Etherscan projected in the background