Eve and the Interface, 2021, is a short film exploring metaverses, decentralization, and alternative economics through the language of video game interfaces.

Set in a pluralistic community currency utopia, Eve spends her days navigating the world with the help of the Interface, a voice-activated virtual assistant. One day Eve discovers an item that cannot be accessed via the Interface, and discovers her world may not be as free and safe as it seems

Eve and the Interface was co-produced by the HeK Basel and Unfinished Camp. The full video is on youtube

Screenshot from the video, Eve is in third person view approaching a gate and a neon blue overlay says bioregion B 105 Screenshot from the video, it is a close up of a handheld mobile phone. The screen is cracked, and the interface shows several offers of different amounts in different currencies Screenshot from the video, Eve is in third person view inspecting a pine tree. the overlay is soft green and slightly translucent, with no recognizable words, only abstract glyphs Screenshot from the video, Eve is looking at the pine tree still but the interface has shifted to a cartoony rpg-style display, labeling the tree with `utility: lumber`